Rita Landau

Totally Talia Totally Talia  (2015)
15.5″wide x 27″ high
While she was in high school Talia took a “self photo” every day for 365 days.   This photo was a shot of Talia joyfully jumping over her bed.   She is now joyfully living and working in New York City.   Talia is my oldest granddaughter, and this was great fun to weave.
 From The Mother To The Daughter
From the Mother to the Daughter  (2013)
22″ wide x 16″ high
This piece was woven in five separate pieces.   From right to left:  my grandmother, my mother, me, my daughter, my granddaughter.   The Hebrew lettering reads: From the mother to the daughter.   The five pieces are each mounted onto a lightweight board, covered with fabric, and joined to each other with book tape, allowing it to fold in and out and stand on a shelf.